Etienne is truly a success breeding person in the most authentic way possible. She's a coach, therapist and recruiter all wrapped into one. She puts 100% into every interaction and that is rare. She knows how to poise people for success if the person is willing to work with her on it. My personal brand, career possibilities, and confidence opened up after just one conversation with her. I hope to continue the relationship as I see a mentor and a creative collaborator in her as well. She comes from a place of vulnerability and humanness and deconstructs the intimidating process of career strategy. Etienne is radically life altering and the necessary eyes that everyone needs to their job portfolio. I would recommend her a thousand times over. 

-Ruchi Nadkarni, MA/MBA
  Innovation | BOP Strategy | Sustainable Development

Etienne is incredible. She understood how to frame my skills and background to create an effective and dynamic resume that truly represents me as I look to pivot my career. She is energetic, pragmatic, patient, and kind – which, combined with her unique skill set, makes her incredibly adept at helping people at different stages along their career path. Her thoughtfulness and genuine sincerity come across in everything she does, and, for me, she somehow even made dreaded tasks, like creating a new resume and cover letter seem fun. Etienne gets to the core of what is important, and I learned a lot working with her, picking up skills that will serve me well into the future, whether looking for a new job or being an effective communicator. I highly recommend Etienne to anyone looking for these services.

-Becky Gollin
  Storyteller | MBA | Creative Problem Solver | Optimist

As someone who has consulted several career coaches in the past I could not have asked for a more enjoyable and effective session with Etienne. She has a keen sense of self and helps you through your own self identifying journey simply though resume building and mock interviews. Even if you have no clue how to brand/market yourself Etienne shows you how to sharpen your professional image and create the strongest version of yourself on paper and in person. Her critiques are smart, specific, and incredibly diligent. She is also very warm and funny which was a lovely cherry on top of my experience with her. I cannot recommend her services enough.

-Dana Stewart
  Market Research Analyst, Fletcher/CSI

I met Etienne Summer 2020 as she helped my MBA cohort with career support during the COVID-impacted market environment. From day one, Etienne was an energetic and thoughtful partner; and, furthermore, excelled at bringing in the right partners to meet the diverse needs of the cohort, such as negotiation and career pivoting advice. As a caring professional and true testament to B-Corp values, Etienne is truly committed to improving people's lives and creating results based on this genuine purpose. 

-Juan Adorno
  Founder & CVO, JPX Social Equity Consulting

Are you a c-suite executive looking to secure your next senior exec or CEO role? Perhaps a board position? Look no further. Etienne is highly skilled at positioning your experience and leveraging your zone of genius in a way that is aligned to your next level career endeavors. She operates with a high level integrity, is your trusted advisor and will masterfully position you way ahead of your competition. Her work is seriously a "no-brainer" investment for anyone seeking next level career growth and wanting a competitive edge. The top secret side benefit working with Etienne - you will walk away more confident in what you bring to the table and be better positioned to communicate it in the interview. Thank you Etienne for bringing my resume back up to date and helping me to develop my board resume.

-Michelle McGlade
  CEO of Evolutionize Media | Speaker, Emcee & Panel Moderator |
  Podcast Creator & Consultant | Developing Modern Leaders

Etienne went out of her way (and gave up valuable couch time cuddling with her dog) to help me crank through finalizing my new and improved resume to meet a few job application deadlines right at crunch time. Her work ethic is amazing and the diligence she provided in combing through my resume line by line to perfect every last word really stuck with me. Thank you Etienne for your generosity and career guidance!

-Jackson Berman
  Associate Director of Sales, Twincraft Skincare

Working with Etienne is such a pleasure! She assisted me with career coaching and resume refreshing. I've gained a lot of knowledge from our sessions together as well as new found confidence in my own path. I very much appreciate her direct, no nonsense approach, and will definitely continue to work with her to further realize my goals.

-Sara Farnsworth
  Founder & CEO, Full Circle Farm and Artisan Cannabis of Vermont

I wasn’t expecting to get laid-off or to have to redefine myself professionally. I had a job I loved, that I was good at, that utilized all my best skills and matched with what I had gone to school for. Having to determine what to do next or how to catch my next employer’s eye was overwhelming. Someone recommended Etienne. She offered one free phone consultation and additional professional services to help reshape my resume and my resume desperately needed it. When I looked at it, I felt like I came across as a young, fumbling professional with no direction. After one hour on the phone with Etienne, not only did I feel like she knew me, but she had me convinced that my resume was painting a very real picture of a person, it was just slightly out of focus. She promised to help sharpen that image of me as a person and as a professional. Throughout the process of reinventing my ‘resume self,’ she was always optimistic and encouraging, straightforward and honest. I swear she worked around the clock as though I were her only client she needed to make happy. She worked fastidiously on my resume, always running ideas by me and making me a part of the process. When all was 'said and done,' I had an amazing final product that made me feel confident about going back out on the job market and made me feel proud of my professional accomplishments. Our work together and getting my resume where it needed to be was worth every penny. And, every now and again, I hear from her because something she saw or heard made her think of me, like we’re long-lost friends. With Etienne you're never just a client with just a project, you're a person who deserves great results and that is what she delivers. She is worth her weight in gold.

-Alyssa Berthiaume
  Lady Boss Owner & Leading Ghostwriter & Guide, The Write Place, Right Time

Etienne has been a tremendous help teaching me how to network and freshen my resume. These skills she taught me have been so useful in helping me find work, I've managed to secure a contract for developing software at a solar panel company only 2 weeks after her lessons in professional ways to reach out to other companies on LinkedIn and email, and I'm far more confident in any future job searches because of her. Her lessons have reshaped my views on job-searching in a positive way.

-David Daviss
  Site Reliability Engineer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

While a student at Burlington Code Academy, Etienne worked with me as a Career Coach. As someone who was making a 180-degree career change from a non-technical field to a career in tech, I felt a lot of uncertainty about how I would be able to stand out. Then I met Etienne Morris! She showed me that all my previous experience and skills are, indeed, desirable and relevant in my new line of work. I was blown away by how skilled she was at taking my old resume, and completely revamping it into an attractive and thorough demonstration of my value as a potential hire. Etienne also taught me how to write high-quality, professional cover letters. In addition to the amazing one-on-one support, she also gave our class lessons and workshops on networking, job searching, applying for jobs, and everything else we could possibly imagine related to our careers. Etienne's endless supply of optimism is infectious. I've come to learn that it is not only her knowledge, skill, and hard work that make her the best at what she does – it's also the fact that she genuinely ENJOYS doing this work! A lot of people say they love their job, but Etienne takes this concept to a new level, as if it also happens to be a hobby of hers. Very few people have had such a positive effect on my professional life the way that Etienne has. She has made me a more confident professional, which has, in turn, helped me gain confidence in other aspects of my life. I cannot possibly recommend Etienne enough!

-Kevin Murtaugh
  Full-Stack Web Developer

Hardworking, thoughtful, creative, and relentlessly optimistic. I worked with Etienne while in the process of emerging from graduate school and deciding on my next direction. I found Etienne willing to be both my brainstorming partner and giving advice enthusiastically when we found an area that brought energy to the conversation. With well timed advice and piercing questions, Etienne is more than a coach. She has the unique ability to get the real you down on the page. A must have resource in the job search.

-Michael Krulin, MBA
  Consultant at Brimstone Consulting

Etienne was my career coach while I attended Burlington Code Academy. Not only did she give me great career advice, she also turned my resume into something I was excited to apply for jobs with. She was so thorough in her approach to creating a resume that truly reflects who I am both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her services to anyone going through a career transition.

-Erin Soggs
  Full Stack Web Developer | Dessert Lover | Avid Traveler

Etienne worked tirelessly to craft the perfect resume for me. I'm proud to apply with my new resume! She's been an amazing advocate and career coach. I highly recommend hiring Etienne! If you're lucky enough to be a client, she will make sure you have the wisdom to find your next position.

-Alexander Holder
  Product Manager, Gitwit

I have worked with Etienne over the past couple of months to update my CV and LinkedIn while going through a UX Design Bootcamp. The degree to which she invested herself in my success was astonishing, and she clearly gets genuine joy from producing great work. I really appreciated her well-balanced, hands-on/hands-off approach - she will do everything she can to help you, but it's up to you to do the work. I highly recommend working with Etienne.

-Eric LaMontagne
  Web Strategist, New Breed

Etienne has been an amazing coach. When you meet she is solely focused on your needs for that session. Also, she is great at drawing out your voice in cover letters and resumes so they can truly represent you. Etienne is very diligent, hard working, kind, and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

-Matthew Licata
  Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

Etienne is a breath of fresh air to work with. The resume building homework and guidance that Etienne provided helped me "break the chains" of traditional resume concepts and paint a brighter picture of my strengths and ambitions while allowing my personality to shine all the way through. I gained a renewed sense of self-awesomeness from our experience too! Do yourself a favor and don't miss the opportunity to work with Etienne.

-Michael Rama
  Deputy Director, Corporate Eco Forum

Etienne was nothing but spectacular! The information and advice Etienne brings to the table is unparalleled and indispensable. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to up their resume, negotiation and job game substantially! I hope and look forward to working with Etienne in the future as my career path continues to unfold.

-Christian Dow
  Web Developer, Impulse Creative

I was fortunate enough to receive Etienne’s guidance as part of a web development bootcamp I took in the summer of 2020. Etienne held weekly career coaching sessions with my class, and had several individual and small group meetings with us as well.

Even over Zoom, Etienne’s sincere enthusiasm for helping my classmates and I succeed in finding fulfilling and meaningful work was as evident as it was contagious. She had clear, concise, and relevant presentations for our group lessons, with creative and specific steps for us to take as we embarked on our new careers.

In our individual and small group sessions, Etienne asked thoughtful, insightful questions, drawing on both professional and personal experiences in our lives. She helped us see that we are more than just our job history and schooling experience, and showed us the value in presenting our entire selves to a company when applying for a job. The final draft of the resume that came out of those meetings defies description, and does an amazing job at presenting the outright best, most accurate version of myself.

Etienne demonstrated such authentic conviction that I could (and deserved to!) find a rewarding job that it was impossible not to join her in that conclusion. She gave me confidence in myself that I didn’t realize I could have, not only with her passion for helping people, but with her deep understanding and experience of what works best when navigating the hiring process.

Etienne’s heartfelt warmth, combined with her thorough knowledge of every aspect of the employment and networking process, make the intimidating process of navigating a career change mid-pandemic something that feels not only feasible, but determined to happen.

-Jena Durell
  Software Developer, FinSiteful

Etienne worked with our class of 20 students at Burlington Code Academy, helping us to write, rewrite and fine-tune our resumes; she also held weekly career development workshops that provided us with a wealth of practical as well as theoretical tools.

Etienne has an astonishing and rare gift for balance: she’s rigorous while also fun and spontaneous, she’s precise and thorough but not nitpicky, she’s knowledgeable yet very natural and absolutely not standoffish, she’s pragmatic and free-spirited.

She finds the best way to identify and maximize the individual talents of each person she works with, developing realistic goals that grow from their skills and strong points, rather than pressing people into a ‘successful’ template. She genuinely wants to help everyone she comes into contact with – not just in her professional capacity, but in any way she can. As she says, ‘if what you’re doing comes from a place of love, you can’t go wrong’.

It was an immense pleasure to learn from her.

-Anis Memon
  Full-stack Web Developer | Translator

I never thought writing a resume and cover letter could be fun until I had the pleasure of working with Etienne as part of her career coaching for the Burlington Code Academy. In addition to her weekly seminars during class time covering topics like networking and negotiation, Etienne also worked with students 1:1 to help each of us craft a new resume.

Etienne's enthusiasm for writing the perfect resume is truly infectious, she somehow is able to take the dreaded task of writing a resume and turn it into something I looked forward to each week. And detail oriented doesn't begin to describe her attentiveness to the minutia of the English language and crafting ones career narrative. Etienne's investment in our success was also evident through her energy and positivity, I felt like we each had someone in our corner.

Thank you, Etienne, for equipping my classmates and me with the tools and confidence we need to be successful in tech.

-Lee Peters
  User Interface Engineer,

Etienne Morris excels in ways you would not even think of. Her constant contact and support left me with a fantastic resume, and more than that, a sense of self-worth. If you have the chance to work with her, do not hesitate to take it. You will thank me later.

-Paul Phelps
  Systems Developer II, State of Vermont

It’s been a great pleasure working with Etienne recently on defining and pursuing my next professional adventure. Armed with insights that span a wide range of industries, she asks the right questions to elicit deep understanding and refine the approach that I’ve taken. And she does it with amazingly infectious energy. In the end, she’s committed to finding high-quality matches between people and organizations. Through the process, I always find her to be a valuable and trusted sounding board for questions I have along the way. It’s been a great experience.

-Josh Reid
  Brand Manager, Giro Sport Design

Keenly insightful, tireless advocate,” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Etienne. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for five years, during which she has guided, nurtured, and promoted me and my company on many levels with desired outcomes. I’ve never met anyone who tunes in to individual or organizational needs like she does, quickly turning those needs into beneficial actions that produce results. Combine those talents with her effusive personality and dedication to you, and what’s not to like? She is my ‘go to’ for talent recruitment and personalized career support.

-Bill Atkinson
  Former Navy SEAL | Corporate Trainer with a Navy SEAL Difference |
  Teamwork Expert | Innovative Leadership Development

The only thing more helpful and empowering than Etienne's services is the way in which she delivers them! Her authentic passion and positivity is like a lifeline for those struggling in the career change or underemployment trenches. Etienne's combination of professional experience and personal qualities make her truly the light at the end of the tunnel for those navigating the tumultuous journey of the dreaded "job search." By aligning content knowledge with skillsets and personal interest, Etienne takes a deeply individualized approach to helping people make meaningful professional connections, develop the confidence to network like a champ, and refine what gives us life and energy as individuals (not just employees!). I highly recommend Etienne's service's for anyone going through a career shift, wrestling with existential professional questions, or looking for both a coach and teammate in defining one's "next play." We need more Etienne Morris' in the world!

-Noah Miller
  Co-founder & Partner, Calibrate Partners

It’s been a great pleasure working with Etienne recently on defining and pursuing my next professional adventure. Armed with insights that span a wide range of industries, she asks the right questions to elicit deep understanding and refine the approach that I’ve taken. And she does it with amazingly infectious energy. In the end, she’s committed to finding high-quality matches between people and organizations. Through the process, I always find her to be a valuable and trusted sounding board for questions I have along the way. It’s been a great experience.

Josh Reid

Businessman and Brand Strategist

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