Recruiting Services

Whether you’re part of a socially conscious organization seeking like-minded folks to join your team or simply don’t have the time to review resumes and screen candidates, I employ the same holistic hiring strategy — because aligning qualifications and experience is just the beginning.

Successful recruitment is much more than filling open seats. It’s telling an organization’s story in a way that attracts candidates who are not only qualified, but excited to take an active part in your narrative.

My objective is not simply to create a short list of names, but to help you recruit talented, motivated individuals whose goals and values are in sync with your company’s mission.

Recruiting and Related Services

Not sure what you need? That’s ok. The customized nature of my services allows me to meet you where you are today while being flexible enough to shift priorities or modify searches as needed, because sometimes that potential job opening suddenly turns into an immediate need.

If you’re looking for a trusted recruiting partner who understands the long-term value of finding talent that fits, you’ve found her. Contact me today!

My Clients

The only thing more helpful and empowering than Etienne's services is the way in which she delivers them! Her authentic passion and positivity is like a lifeline for those struggling in the career change or underemployment trenches. Etienne's combination of professional experience and personal qualities make her truly the light at the end of the tunnel for those navigating the tumultuous journey of the dreaded "job search." By aligning content knowledge with skillsets and personal interest, Etienne takes a deeply individualized approach to helping people make meaningful professional connections, develop the confidence to network like a champ, and refine what gives us life and energy as individuals (not just employees!). I highly recommend Etienne's service's for anyone going through a career shift, wrestling with existential professional questions, or looking for both a coach and teammate in defining one's "next play." We need more Etienne Morris' in the world!

Noah Miller

Manager, ESG and Stakeholder Engagement at Summit Strategy Group, LLC

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